February 10, 2016
Lo Saamod - Do Not Stand By
Essays on Homosexuality and Judaism
Shedding Light on the Gay Issue    Dr. Bentzion Sorotzkin Psy.D.
It has become increasingly common in the Orthodox community for young men to turn to a therapist because of concerns regarding their “sexual orientation.” Sometimes, even if they give other reasons for their interests in therapy…
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An Open Letter to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach    Rabbi Aryeh HaKohen Katz
This is a hard letter to write because, more times than not, your thoughts on an entire host of issues are right on the mark. You have earned the admiration of many - because of your vast intellect, your writing capabilities…
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How Tolerance Can Lead to Destruction    Rabbi Noson Weisz
There are two sets of curses in the Torah. One set is recorded at the end of the Book of Vayikra in Parshat Bechukotai, and the latter part of our Parsha contains the second set…
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Absolute Truth and Alternate Life Styles: The Torah’s Position on Homosexuality    Rav Mayer Twersky
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Reflections And Feedback    Rosally Saltsman, The Jewish Press
Which brings me to the first obstacles for change. There are gay men who are making it their life’s cause to keep people from attempting therapy, by decrying the efficacy of change therapies in the media. They do this because of their own inability to achieve success in these therapies. It’s like secular Jews who feel so threatened by people who become religious that they do everything in their power to keep them secular. Militant gays petition for the right to be acknowledged for who they are but don’t accord others the right not to be gay anymore if this is what they desire.
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